I find solace in the dark and curious corners of gardens. I catch myself staring in amazement for far too long at the intricacies and almost alien patterns in the smallest details of flowers. I feel melancholic in the soft breeze of nostalgia when I snap branches and crunch leaves under my shoes. These are feelings that flow through me and into my work, and I hope others feel some sense of wonder when they come across my designs.

Plumm Wood evolved from a longing to create dark and whimsical, yet strong designs - often challenging what is considered to be feminine or masculine in terms of product choice and representation. My own personal style is often reflected in the more structural and strange pieces, and I love to bend (break, twist, snap...) the rules of design and to challenge my own abilities.

I aim to provide my customers with something spectacular in the way of every day bouquets and bunches, bridal party adornments, hair and body pieces, photo shoot floral support (yeah I made that term up just then, but it's definitely a thing) corporate arrangements, extravagant gifts and amazing event and wedding installations.

Plumm Wood is now accepting bookings for the wedding season, click through to the Weddings page to find out more.